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Stewardship 2021 Letter


    Stewardship 2021 Letter & Pledge Card


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    Dear Church Family,

                 Very few things about 2020 have been normal, but our Heavenly Father is still in His Place. That has not changed nor will it ever. God’s love for a cheerful giver has not and will not change either.           

                Those in our Church’s leadership, the Church Council and the Finance Committee, have been amazed and encouraged by the support our Members and Friends have shown our Church during the uncertain times of these past almost nine months. I recall reporting early in the year that a majority of our giving has normally come in by the offering plate on Sunday mornings. But during the times with no Sanctuary or Warehouse Services and now with crowds limited in both of those, our gifts have continued – proof that our commitment continues.   

                Our tithes and offerings to our Church are just one way we can show our commitment to our Church to express how we feel toward our Lord.

                 These funds are used to operate and maintain our facilities and as you all know those along with our surrounding property are large. We have an extensive budget providing for our children and youth departments, as well as ministries and missions outside our Church.

                There are numerous ways for us to give. By check, bank draft, or cash, electronically using your online or mobile account or Venmo, or the Church can charge your account by ACH with proper documentation. All the information for these 3 ways can be found on the church website, under GIVING at the top. 

    Also, we have established a brokerage account with Pershing, LLC, account

    # MC50279274.  Jan Belyeu is the registered representative on the account.  If you would like to consider a gift to the Church of appreciated listed stock, you may want to speak with your broker about this now. 

                It’s likely you will receive this information by regular mail and by email and it will also be posted on our website. No one should miss seeing this.

                We ask that you give prayerful consideration to your giving to our Church for 2021, remembering that the mission of our Church cannot be achieved without the financial help from us all.

                Please complete the enclosed or attached pledge card signifying your estimate of giving, return it to the Church in the collection plate, by mail, or electronically as soon as possible

                                                                                                    Jud Vann

                                                                                                    Stewardship Chair

    December 7, 2020


    Pledge Cards 2021
    With God's help, I will commit myself: