Leadership Tour

Leadership Tour

Sunday, January 19, 2020, 1:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Location: Camilla UMC, 39 S Harney Street, Camilla, GA US 31730

Coordinator: Keith Goodlett

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January 5 | Statesboro First UMC January 12 | Warner Robins First UMC January 19 | Camilla UMC January 26 | Hinesville First UMC

Leaders all across the South Georgia Conference have answered the call to serve in their local church setting. As a faithful member of your congregation, we know you want to serve and serve well! To help equip and empower you in your ministry role, the 2020 Leadership Tour will offer practical teaching and resources to both inspire you and help you lead with confidence. This free event is sponsored by the Office of Connectional Ministries.

Schedule of the Day

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Path Two
General Session Closing Prayer

1:45 p.m.
1:45 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. 2:15 p.m.
3:30 p.m.
3:45 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.



Combined Classes
(choose one for the entire afternoon)

Assimilation: From First Time Guests to Fully Committed Member –This workshop focuses on how to welcome repeat guests and how to take them through the process of being ready for membership. Led by Barry Giddens

Knowing the Past, Living the Present, Anticipating the Future - Learn how to gather and store church history and make it accessible in a low-cost and - high-impact way to help unify your church. Led by Anne Packard

Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help And How to Reverse It – Bible verses make it clear that God is concerned for the poor. Church leaders will be introduced to an empowering model of effectively working with persons of low income without creating greater dependency or causing unintentional harm (based on Robert Lupton's experience in ministry with the poor, resources and practical strategies). Led by Kim Jenkins and Cathy Horne, Open Door, sponsored by the SGA Conference UMW

What Methodists Believe- What makes us Methodist? John Wesley believed in grace, holiness of heart and life, and sharing the gospel with all. He didn't intend to start a denomination; he just wanted to move as many people as possible closer to God through Christ. Learn about the distinctions that run through Methodism from Wesley's early days until now. Led by Paula Lewis

Path One Classes (choose one)

Best Practices for Handling Money in the Church -​ ​How many people should be involved in handling church funds? Does it matter who does what in our church finances? Ms. Suzie, our treasurer for 50 years, is trusted – why do we need to do anything else? Discover best practices in money management for all size churches and how to protect the people who are handling the funds. Led by Derek McAleer, James Sapp

Creation Care- Is God calling you to care for God's creation to create a more just and sustainable world? Learn how you can discover ways to respond to climate change and other environmental challenges as well as advocate for just policies around clean water, clean air, clean energy, fresh food, and green space. Let’s talk about how our Christian calling is to care for God’s Creation. Led by Ashley Randall, Steve Waldorf

Differences Don't Have to be Difficult- Is it possible to agree to disagree? What should Christians do when there is stress and discord in the church? Can we find a way to talk to each other even when we disagree? Come join the conversation as we talk about how to answer that question. Led by J. Knapp, Nita Crump

How to Design Your Mission/Outreach - Participants will learn ways to rethink their mission and outreach ministries of their church. What is outreach & mission and what should it look like in the local church? What are local, national and international outreach and mission opportunities for my local church? Led by Christy Bandy, Jamie Bone, Susan Hughes, Luis Morales

Practicing Parliamentary Procedures in Church Meeting – Churches hold meetings to make many types of complexdecisions.ThisworkshopwillexploreparliamentaryproceduresbyRobert’sRulesofOrderinorderto streamline the process of church meetings. Topics include the purpose of meetings, roles of chairperson, quorum of members, etc. Led by Robert Anderson, John Ray

Things to Know About Hiring Church Staff -​ ​The time is right to hire much-needed staff. Before the job offer, what do you need to know? Do you need a background/credit check? How does lay staff differ from clergy appointed to the church? Learn how to address governmental rules when hiring new staff as well as tax withholding/W-2 and reporting, overtime pay and Health benefits. Led by Eleanor Dickson

Path Two Classes (choose one)

Diversity and Inclusion: Getting the Conversation Started -Explore ways to engage and encourage conversations around issues of diversity and inclusion and how your faith community can seek ways to include all those who need mercy, grace, and love of God. Led by David Diaz, Josh Echols, Denise Rooks, Yolanda Sewell, Earnestine Campbell

Financially Preparing for the Church’s Property Needs -​ ​Do you have plans to replace your roof? Is your AC unit over 10 years old? Do you have a cemetery? What plans have been made and should be made to handle future needs? Is a small church plan different than a large church? Learn best practices in property management planning for churches. Led by Derek McAleer, James Sapp

How Does the Church Respond When There is a Disaster? - This class will focus on ways to plan for disasters ahead of time through early response teams, volunteers in mission and Connecting Neighbors/Navigators. Led by Gene Barber, Jamie Bone, Sandi Conley, Susan Hughes, Luis Morales

SPRC- Helping the pastor and staff have an effective relationship with the congregation is the role of the SPRC. As the connection to the staff, church and DS, participants will gain insight to avoid being the “complaint department.” This presentation offers practical training on how to fulfill these responsibilities. Led by Nita Crump

United Methodist Men and How to Form a Meeting- How can I serve the Lord? “ Be strong and of good courage, be not frightened neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). In this workshop, you will learn how to go in God’s power, not our own, and how to form meetings. Led by Thomas Anderson, Larry Price, Donald Rhodes

Words that Heal, Words that Hurt– By reflecting on the Scriptures and being conscious of the church universal, this workshop will explore ways to be more inclusive in language and practices by promoting the full personhood of all. Led by Kim Chance, Sue Jackson, Ivelisse Quinones, Earnestine Campbell